Seeking 3-4 Actors who can dance/move…

March 1, 2016

Seeking Actors/Dancers/Singers

Looking for three or four actors who can dance, Singing is also a plus. Must be able to synchronize movements, gestures and facial expressions with other actors, with precision and sensitivity. You will function as a contemporary version of a Greek Chorus.

Bella Deluxe Entertainment is a media production company currently being formed, based in Lehigh Valley, PA. We are in development for a new dance theatre work, and will be presenting a short segment 10-15 minutes in length on May 14, 2016, with a video shoot in mid-April (TBA) Rehearsals begin ASAP, once a week, with a few more days added closer to the performance. No fee for this first segment. You will receive a copy of the video and be invited to audition for the full length production. We are looking for local artists, who can attend all rehearsals, video shoot and the performance.

“We Are Not Yet Born”, an aerial dance theatre production, delves into the relationship between individuality and community. In a fantastical world of earthly and unearthly beings, our notions of what is up and what is down spins around us in a circus-like cosmos.

Please contact:

Karen Fox
Artistic Director


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