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Physio Ball Master Classes

Unlocking the Mystery of Mindful Movement

Appropriate for all levels, from novice to athlete and dancer.

Taught by Karen Fox

Cost: $ 75 per session.  Register for all 3: $200.

Cedar Crest College

Steinbright Hall

Dance Studio 2

Open to all levels. these 90-minute sessions provide movement strategies toward releasing tension patterns, active and passive stretching, strengthening, relaxing and energizing. The ball is a wonderful apparatus for personal practice of mind-body integration, while expanding one’s movement pathways. Each session introduces movement sequences, breath work, and deep relaxation techniques, building progressive exercises and pathways. 

I will guide you in your personal flow, provide tailored cues and modifications for you to heighten your self-awareness, while reducing stress and increasing vital life energy.  

Bring your own ball and yoga mat.

 I am happy to suggest materials, once you register.

Saturday March 25       9:30-11:00 am              Basics, breath, spine, shoulders, hips

Saturday April 29          9:30-11:00 am              Muscles of the torso (core), arms & legs, neck

Wednesday, May 31     7-8:30 pm                     Combination sequences, movement sets

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Link to Register for April 29

Link to Register for May 31

Register for all three workshops ($200.00)