Mind Body Wise

Creative exercise-movement-dance-somatic awareness

Unlocking the Mystery of Mindful Movement

What is Mind Body Wisdom?

Whether we are involved in the arts, dance, sports, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, stretching, walking, or any activity which requires that we use our bodies, we have the opportunity to learn, to explore, to practice, to refine and to come to know the incredible power and satisfaction of an integrated mind and body. In fact, after leading ourselves on the path of movement, we will surely observe consistent shifts in how we move through our lives.

Having been involved in all of the above, I understand how our focus impacts our approach to movement, and wellness in general, and how our results are reflections of our visions or scope of focus. I see how we expand ourselves when we move, how we limit or even damage ourselves when we do not move.

I find that my experiences as a devising artist and a movement expert are simply facets of my desire to dig deep: to constantly observe, move, learn and create, express myself and share with others.


Open to All Levels. I offer 90 minutes live session, and am able to travel near you.

I have designed hundreds of moves on the physio ball, as one way to guide others on their path toward Mind Body Wisdom. I will guide each participant in personal flow, provide tailored cues and modifications toward a heightened sense of focus and self-awareness, while reducing stress and increasing vital life energy.

We begin with moves to relax, release tension patterns, to stretch, strengthen and energize. The ball is a wonderful apparatus for personal practice of these goals. It provides support, when parts of the body need it. It opens pathways in the joints and spine. It challenges balance in strengthening moves. It facilitates an intimate relationship with our breath.