Please help a girl to fly

Give the Gift

of Creative Empowerment and Flight

Karen Fox (Bella Deluxe Entertainment)

seeks donations for

one scholarship for a teen girl

to attend  Aerial Silk classes at AerialMind.

This program, held at the Lehigh Valley Sports Academy, helps teens build self-awareness, a positive body image, strength and confidence in a fun, supportive and exciting environment.

It costs $150 to sponsor one girl

Any amount is greatly accepted. Suggested donation is $25.

Karen, artistic director of Bella Deluxe Entertainment, is creating this scholarship program as part of her partnership with AerialMind.

Please make a tax-deductible donation

to Karen Fox, Artistic Director of Bella Deluxe Entertainment,

 through our fiscal sponsor,

Dancers Group. It is easy to do online.

  • Go to
  • Click on the bottom button, “Donate
  • Under “Recipient”, scroll down to Karen Fox (Bella Deluxe Entertainment)
  • Enter the amount, fill out the form
  • Click the Donate button when you are done.

Thank you,

Karen Fox,

Christina Gorigoitia,